Dominic Josephs-Spaulding
Reflective Journal Entry Number #1

            Speech has taught me that there are many different kinds of speeches. Like, when you talk to the audience in general and when the audience is allowed to participate in the speech when they are asked questions. True mastery of the speech is when the speaker does not have to look at flash cards and memorizes the whole speech where everything is flowing in succession. To make a good speaker you have to stay away for vulgar words, racism, and avoid referring to yourself like, “I”. Your audience is an important part of your speech because without them there is no speech.

You have to speak to the audience in a serious manner that gets them to enjoy themselves and actually listen to what you are speaking about. Speak on subjects that you relate to or have some interest in and stick to the main point of your speech. When recite it be confident, if you not you might freeze up on the spot. Reading with confidence shows a true professional. To become a professional you have to look like one so dress up properly or your audience won’t respect you. Try to avoid plagiarism also because it is illegal and someone else worked hard on the information you are using. Arrive early for a speech and if something goes wrong try to find an alternative to keep your speech going.