Dominic Josephs-Spaulding
Reflective Journal #3

Most of the methods used before for the informative speech were alright, but I prefer the persuasive the examples and strategies. There were two videos on angel pertaining to my topic of defending the 21 year old limit which made it a lot easier for me to get ideas. With our power point I liked the idea of keeping it short people cannot stay focused on the presenter right in front of them. So I tried to make my power point short and sweet with a lot of information and the skills like “crop”, “marks”, and “gains”. Implementing this strategy of presenting and having a great introduction and pictures will catch the audience’s attention.The skills that have been taught were amazing in so many different ways I learned to catch the attention of the audience by raising my voice a little or telling a simple story or just facts. If I could recommend anything I would use “crops”, “gains”, and “mark”. Just focus on being confident in your speech because if your fake people will know. So far I met all the criteria in this class and did well with everything because my grade shows that I have an A. The only thing I really struggled with were the speeches, but the strategies helped me cope with it. The only other thing I could comment is the speeches. Some other people showed great knowledge of their subjects, but other fell short.